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One Great Thing You Absolutely Must Do for Your VUI, part 2

In part 1 we talked about understanding customer mindset in a self-service customer care setting and how considering mindset can lead to specific features and offerings which will enhance customer experience (and your revenue).

But going beyond features and offerings, how else might understanding your customer’s mindset change your user experience?

Here’s one sweeping generalization you may not have thought of: (entertainment businesses aside,) your customer would probably prefer not to interact with you.


Nobody wakes up in the morning and says,

Hey, I’m really looking forward to paying the water bill, doing a little troubleshooting on my internet connection, and after that I’m up for an exciting round of “Let’s call the insurance company!”

In other words, the best service experience is the one you can prevent.

What does this mean for you? The more you can do to make things automatic, the happier (and ‘stickier’) your customers will be.

Some ideas to make the services you provide more proactive include:

  • Make sure you have options to set up some kind of automatic bill payment.

  • Develop outbound messaging so your clients can get notifications of events that happen in their account.

  • If you know a customer’s going to have an outage, let them know about it before they have to call.

  • And (most important), work on your back office processes (business rules, communication between channels) so that clients don’t suffer problems.

We’ve talked about service design considering the mindset of your caller and not just the demographics. And we’ve covered how preventative/proactive measures lead to better service. Coming up in our final installment: Focus, focus, focus.

(Previously published in Versay's blog "Tip and Ring.")

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