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Attending SpeechTEK? I have a deal for you!

So I'm pretty excited about this year's SpeechTEK Conference. I'm speaking at two sessions. My first one, "Power Users of Voice: Voice in the Home," will have some interesting research on advanced users of our favorite little gadgets, personal voice user assistants. I'm also teaching a SpeechTEK University session on "Strategizing Customer Experiences for Speech" which will take a top level look at the current state of the speech industry and how your organization might want to build a strategy around voice.

AND, if you're coming, I have an extra $100 conference discount you can use! This is on top of any other conference discount you might have. So, for example, right now, the Early Bird $200 discount is running (up until March 8th, 2018), so you can stack discount codes for a total of $300 off. Just enter CRV18 at the link

Hope to see you there!

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