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I'm a designer.  I'm a technologist.  I am a future anthropologist (grad school, hurray!).  I'm interested in the intersection of people and machines.  I'm interested how organizations can improve customer experience, and how they can use design principles, and voice-enabled and AI technologies, to do that. 


I'm also interested in the big picture:  AI is here, and it is changing everything.  How do we, as designers, technologists, and citizens, come to grips with that?

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Professional ​
  • Successful, results oriented conversational design / customer experience professional.

  • Experienced in leading cross-functional project teams (and having fun doing it!)

  • Domains including: Travel, hospitality, health care, insurance, financial.

  • Skills: Customer Journey Mapping, Customer Experience Design, Conversational Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing, A/B Testing

  • Thought leadership:  Currently serving as President of the Association for Conversational Interaction Design

Selected Talks
  • Strategizing Customer Experiences for Speech (SpeechTEK University). SpeechTEK 2018

  • Power Users of Voice: Voice in the Home. SpeechTEK 2018.

  • Assertive Niceness: How to Turn Around a Toxic Team. Big Design Conference 2017

  • Voice User Interface Design: Skills, Actions and the Future. Big Design Conference 2017

  • UXPA Webinar: Conversational User Interfaces: Past and Future. 2017

  • Adding Visuals to Voice (Panel). SpeechTEK 2017.

  • Chatbots vs. Voicebots. SpeechTEK 2017

  • Where’s Jarvis? The Future of Voice Recognition and Natural Language Interfaces. UXPA International 2016.

  • Top Ten Tips for Making Complicated Things Simple. Big Design Conference 2016.

  • Voice Recognition and Natural Language. Dallas Tech Fest 2016.

  • Going Solo: Design and Productivity Techniques for the Team of One.  Big Design 2015

  • Designing Interactions with the Internet of Things (Panel). SpeechTEK 2015

  • Service Design and the Omnichannel Experience. SpeechTEK 2015

  • Introduction to SpeechTechnologies (SpeechTEK University)

  • Documenting Cross Channel Journeys (AVIxD Workshop). SpeechTEK 2014

  • Improving Alphanumeric Recognition. SpeechTEK 2013  

  • Voice Authentication. (AVIxD Workshop) SpeechTEK 2013

  • Analytics, Promises and Pitfalls (Panel).  SpeechTEK 2012

  • Currently: Versay Solutions

  • eLoyalty

  • SpeechCycle

  • Intervoice

  • M.A., Anthropology, University of North Texas (in progress)

  • User Experience Certificate, Bentley University

  • Certified Usability Analyst, Human Factors International (CUA #2009-2390)

  • B.A., Trinity University

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